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US debt is being rejected by big money
Created on: 5/6/2022 5:18:04 PM

us-debt-is-being-rejected-by-big-moneyThe warning bells of a US sovereign debt crisis are getting louder. When the bells ring you know something is going to get burned down.

Dear reader the market is ringing the bells, can you hear them. Big money is doing something different this time.

Take a look.


This is why, too much supply of US debt, while inflation, oil and the US dollar are hot.

In 2022 the FED wants to sell into a rising interest rate market a $1 trillion of US debt off its own balance sheet (QT), get this, while the US Govt is planning to issue new debt of $800 billion and also roll over $900 billion of older debt in 2022 (chart below).

This is a supply of $2.7 trillion in US debt to sell while the US dollar is making new all time yearly highs.

In the past the Japanese and the Europeans have been large buyers of US Debt, today the Japanese and the Europeans can not buy the debt while their currencies plunge lower, so who is going to be the buyer of this debt. US corporations and banks are already loaded up to the gills. The FED will be buyer of last resort and their balance sheet will expand the release valve will be a lower US dollar (DXY). 

Of course what if Japan starts selling its $1.3 trillion in US assets to support its currency? They will need to sell something as they must import 100% of their oil. This does not make US debt supply crisis any easier. Of course other countries may also do the same while the US dollar screams higher.

Debt 1

investors just do not like US 'Zombie' debt, even when they are being scared out of stocks.

Guess what in this movie gold kills zombie debt.


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