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Gold Gann Angle Update
Created on: 6/1/2021 10:56:47 PM

gold-gann-angle-updateGold, debt, inflation, USD and interest rates are in the same bowel,  if interest rates are suppressed then it is dollar down and gold up.

Chart 1 - Gold has been running up the Gann 1:4 blue angle. Notice how corrections are bouncing of this Gann angle (red arrows). 


Chart 2 - Inflation narrative grows within CEO and CFOs within SP500 companies. Inflation higher than interest rates is known as negative real yield and USD bearish and gold bullish.


Chart 3 - The FED is the larger player in the UST market, this folks is Yield Curve Management (or control). Very USD bearish. 


Chart 4 - The US dollar cycle is running to a new low, a possible 'plunge spike' or 'selling climax' lower is on the table. DXY to $85 is -10% down. The RTTDPO (indicator 2) line a 2x the cycle period or 2 x 918 = 1836.



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