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china-evergrand-gold-silver-rtt-plusIt is not just about EverGrand, its about the Chinese people who have lost money and how the CCP can return wealth to these struggling communities.

We all know if the Chinese people are not happy the CCP leadership will be in trouble.
Over Chinese history this is how their leaders have literally lost their heads.

The Chinese property losses will not be bailed out with public money.


Chinese demographics are shocking, they are suffering from their 1 child policy, they need a boom in young families, more kids. President Xi wants property prices down to allow it easier for Chinese males to buy a house so more families can be created. High house prices are a judder bar for the improvement of Chinese demographics, they must be lowered through house price asset price devaluation (EverGrand is the start). 

Consider this..

The US has been apply in this formula. 
2000 NASDAQ technology bubble bust, replaced with
2007 Housing bubble bust, replaced with
2021 Everything bubble (pending), on crashing most likely replaced with hard money bubble (as per David Hunter).

Well if the US can do it, so can China.
2021 Chinese property crash, replaced with higher gold and silver prices.


The CCP have been encouraging ownership or gold and silver (over Crypto) within their population, now this policy may just pay dividends. 

How and when this happens, not sure.

Higher gold is a lower US dollar. If the US dollar goes too low, interest rates will have to be used to defend it, too high interest rates will require massive money printing to contain the US yield curve. Massive money printing results in inflation and more bearish pressure on the US dollar. Rinse and repeat!




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