Gold and Silver Volume Waves Review
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gold-and-silver-volume-waves-reviewThe sign says it all. The professionals want the public to focus on the words, to scare out the weak hands, but the color of the sign underlines the value in a money printing world, its gold stupid.

Point and figure (PnF) charts draw price waves with the sum of volume per wave. PnF charts high light true accumulation underneath price action. This is why Richard Wyckoff favored PnF charts.    

In the charts below we see price moving sideways to down, yet volume on up waves are greater than volume on down waves. At the moment there is no heavy selling on down waves. Or in other words price is being moved down at a low volume expense to allow accumulation at a lower price.

This action represents professionals building their bullish position over time. They do have to sell volume to get price down so they can buy more at a lower price. Simply, sell 10 @ $1 and lower to buy 12 @ $0.90, rinse and repeat, and yes their overall position grows. In the end the professionals will have a position of size for greater profit (to learn more please study Richard Ney work within RTT Plus library).

POINT: So long as heavy selling does not occur then gold and silver ETF's are being accumulated. Even if heavy selling does occur, we watch for even large buying to offset it. So far gold and silver action remains bullish and the period time passed suggests accumulation activity is near the end and a mark up will most likely follow. Keep watching between Nov 2021 and Jan 2022.

Chart 1 - Gold ETF


Chart 2 - Silver ETF



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