Bubble Watch - Maybe it only just started, Dow 50000 - Update 1 (RTT Plus)
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bubble-watch--maybe-it-only-just-started-dow-50000--update-1-rtt-plusFor the DOW to get near 50,000 this is would help.

Here are the main points on how we get to Dow 50,000: 


The FED switches to a 'uber dove' Chairman.

Someone who is MMT (Modern Monetary Theory) and YCC (Yield Curve Control) very friendly.

Jay Powell term is up for review in Feb 2022, and the narrative is being played for him to be replaced.

If he is to be replaced the news will break in the next few weeks or months. 

If a 'uber dove' FED Chairman is installed the US dollar will be adjusted lower.

The dollar has to go down, for the DOW to get higher. (ex David Hunter)

Here are the big plays the FED and Treasury can do too boost stocks and property (not saying its smart economically) and then tax revenues.

1) MMT
2) YCC
3) More juice from congress
4) Lower US Dollar, all will eventually crush the US dollar

However on (3) the congress needs a narrative to pass bills, say like emergency DELTA variants, or whatever. No wonder the DEMs friendly media is scaring all about the DELTA variant while deaths to not explode. Based on India's covid daily death rate, the world wide COVID pandemic is over, see here, and they used Invermectin is their main protocol to defeat covid.


Stanley Druckenmiller and David Hunter are now talking the same play book, see here . But time frames may differ, never underestimate the ability of the market to act irrationally long.

Extract, video below, more here

"If I was Darth Vader and I wanted to destroy the US economy, I would do aggressive spending in the middle of an already hot economy."

"You usually get a bubble out of that, and you get inflation of of that. Frankly, we now have both. This is the biggest bubble I've seen in my career."

"What are we going to get out of this? You're going to get a sugar high for 3 to 6 months, the higher inflation, then an economic bust," Druck warned.

RTT Comments: However Luke Gromen does not agree with DRUCK below, see POINT 4, they need a booming economy to generate tax revenues, more so before Nov 2022 mid terms elections.

"I dont think we need to do anything, we need to take a step back take a breath and see where we are...I think any net spending is a problem. I love a lot of stuff in the infrastructure plan particularly the investments int he digital infrastrucutre. There's a lot of other stuff i am okay with."


The FED will allow the economy to run 'red hot' into the US mid terms.
The stimulus post March 2020 Covid low is equal too 'its the end of the world' juice.

RTT Comments: Pay attention after the 40 min mark, it is as simple as that! This is why the crazy risk on assets like Bitcoin may scream over $100,000 USD.

HINT: The bull market ends when the Pentagon walks into the White House and screams at the President the US dollar is too low, and it is a major National Security Risk! David Hunter suggest this maybe around $80 to $85 on the DXY.


The boom must continue (via Luke Gromen - Tree Rings Report) for tax revenue to flow.


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