Silver, after the FED said taper talk is a long way off
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silver-after-the-fed-said-taper-talk-is-a-long-way-offTo all those who suggested the FED would consider tapering their balance sheet after Jackson Hole, we see how shallow your thinking is, the FED can never taper, ever!

Note: Unless of course they willing wish to adjust risk in assets lower (that is a crash dude). 

Today (2021-07-14) J Powell has moved away from 'transitory inflation' to 'inflation will persist' for several months and then moderate. In short the US is going to move into a period of stagflation, which is rising prices while growth stagnates. This means the US dollar will lose purchasing power and investors will be looking for purchasing power protectors like: Gold, Silver, Crypto. 

Gann Angles from the price of zero on the date of an important pivot low can signal price and time of critical points in price action in the future. The critical point may result in a break down or rally away of price. Example below.

Chart 1 - Silver is currently at a critical point, rally away, watching and waiting. (For members, the Gann Angle line below was draw with Trend line Degrees).


Chart 2 - Channels show support

slv 1

Chart 3 - Re post of US dollar down cycle expected.



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Changes in the world is the source of all market moves, to catch and ride the change we believe a combination of Gann Angles, Cycles, Wyckoff and Ney logic is the best way to ride the change, after all these methods have been used successfully for 70+ years. This post is a delayed and small sample of what is avaliable to members. Sign up to enjoy the full service.

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