Australia to enter a very sad period - Update
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australia-to-enter-a-very-sad-period--updateLets add some dates to the bearish forecast of the ASX200.

Previous post on the subject and a more detailed Ewave construction can be found here.


The vertical light red shaded area (chart 1) is the T Theory forecast for the final price top (end of B wave). This period is some where between Nov 2021 and July 2022. This zone is the confluence of equal time cycles as presented on the chart. Notice how this note refers to a extreme price top and not a crash or bear market starting date. Price can consolidate for some time after a extreme high is posted. 


1) The ASX200 (!AORD) is highly correlated to the US NYSE index.
2) The US (and the world) are entering into a period of above average inflation.
3) Interest rate increases, either by the central bank or market forces, can negatively adjust risk on positions. 
4) Overall equity market positioning is extremely bullish and vulnerable.

Keep this chart in mind going into 2022, also be aware of the US mid terms late 2022.

2022 is going to be very interesting. Funny how the years ending with 9,0,1,2,3,4 (end of a decade) can also be major cycle end dates. 

Chart 1



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