Bitcoin to $200,000 Review
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bitcoin-to-200000-reviewHere is why BTCUSD to $200,000 is now on the table in 2021.

During a period of heavy money printing with higher debt levels the FED must choose between two of the following to avoid a collapse:

1) Higher stock prices.
2) Keeping the economy and employment positive.
3) US dollar strength.

The above is known as the economic 'Dollar Trinity' choice.

The FED and the DEM's (US mid terms 2022) will choose a higher stock market and keeping the economy positive, this means the US dollar is due to suffer weakness.

Bitcoin will do well during US dollar weakness. But how high will BTCUSD go in 2021, lets see how Max Keiser worked out his $225,000 USD price target for 2021. 

POINT: Channels drawn correctly are the path for price action.



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