Higher interest rates for the 2020s (RTT Plus)
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higher-interest-rates-for-the-2020s-rtt-plusThere are two things you can bet on, and they are very simple and stick out.

1) Global cooling is our future (Grand Solar Minimum cycle)

2) Higher interest rate pressure will persist.

Long term 10 year Treasury interest cycle post, main blog: Who is King? The Bond Market or the FED

The chart below suggest Yield Curve Control (YCC) will have major challenges, and maybe after the FED balance sheet is jump $1T a month, and the voting public are angry at inflation then you can expect the FED to change course and a interest rates break out. Then all risk on assets will be repriced.

Here is a working population model supporting the forecast for higher interest rates. It also supports the sine wave cycles referenced above blog post.

Interest Rates


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