NYSE Margin Topping Pattern to Watch (RTT Plus)
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nyse-margin-topping-pattern-to-watch-rtt-plusThe NYSE Margin data is 2 month delayed, but when it does arrive it still can show us what is going on.

PEAKS A, C, E, F, G shows near equal percentage move in price and margin this is confirmation of the move in both.

PEAKS B and D shows unequal performance, and based on the rule of 'effort vs results' margin was not support by price movement, which means something else was going, in short it is not demand, but more supply. If we get a repeat of this then this would be a huge warning of a top in 2021. Even though margin data is delayed 2 months we may be a heads up before price moves. You never now!

The measure used is Year over Year Percentage Change (YOY%) black and red lines.

You can watch this chart via RTT Dash-A within RTT Plus menu.


This chart below uses 8 month and not Year over Year. RTT believes this is misleading and stocks could move to 4500 on the SP500 with ease.



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