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Date Found: Friday, 03 July 2020, 07:35:48 PM

Comment: What sent gold soaring in the 1970s was negative real rates. Chart plotted with rolling averages to smooth out the wild swings but the data paints a clear picture.

Date Found: Friday, 03 July 2020, 10:29:10 PM

Comment: DAVID HUNTER, CONTRARIAN: S&P 500 GOING TO 1,000, GOLD $2,300 - SILVER $35!

Date Found: Saturday, 04 July 2020, 01:39:22 AM

Comment: WTF is Going on in the Markets? With Raoul Pal, Caitlin Long & Travis Kling

Date Found: Saturday, 04 July 2020, 10:40:00 PM

Comment: COVID19 not good for EPS, as the E is crashing.. fix..offset crashing earnings with even faster crashing Number of Shares Outstanding.. then EPS gains .. that works ..PE and EPS are a joke!

Date Found: Sunday, 05 July 2020, 12:03:43 AM

Comment: Not another risk on asset pump!

Date Found: Sunday, 05 July 2020, 09:40:31 PM

Comment: Strong USD .. not good for gold or risk on assets

Date Found: Monday, 06 July 2020, 03:31:00 AM

Comment: Mike Novogratz and Raoul Pal on 'the Single Greatest Brand' Bitcoin

Date Found: Tuesday, 07 July 2020, 05:26:06 PM

Comment: Gary Shilling - Recovery problem.. maybe is a 'L'

Date Found: Tuesday, 07 July 2020, 06:59:42 PM

Comment: FUNDAMENTALS ... do they matter? Watch this space!

Date Found: Tuesday, 07 July 2020, 09:08:56 PM

Comment: Easy bet this year - THIS WILL END!

Date Found: Thursday, 09 July 2020, 05:25:44 PM

Comment: Interesting...

Date Found: Thursday, 09 July 2020, 07:06:42 PM

Comment: Lyn Alden: US Fiscal Policy Reactions are Creating Best Case Scenario for gold

Date Found: Thursday, 09 July 2020, 10:59:45 PM

Comment: Only at the peak of the Dotcom Mania and the bottom of the Great Financial Crisis have we seen the Nasdaq 100 outperform the Bank Index by such an extreme degree as it has over the past six months

Date Found: Friday, 10 July 2020, 03:55:01 AM

Comment: Jason Burack (Fed Audit, Bank Derivatives TIMEBOMB, China Secrets Reveal...

Date Found: Friday, 10 July 2020, 05:51:38 PM

Comment: @Halsrethink World trade contraction continues along with global economic activity downturn &, yes, return to pre-virus level multi-year process. But this time recovery likely slower than from GFC slump--maybe even no return to 2019 level as global supply chain shortening prevails


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