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1. Jesse Livermores Secret To Success

2. Home page investor image explanation

3. The great crash 1929

4. Dear NewBie Investor

5. How to win in the stock market

6. Commandments to follow

7. 10 Rules for Investing

8. How to survive a stock market crash

9. William J ONeil, CANSLIM

10. Barry Ritholtz keep it simple stupid

11. Gerald Loeb how to win

12. Paul Tudor Jones II

13. Felix Zulauf

14. Warren Buffett

15. Reading the tape

16. Indicators Introduction

17. Richard Ney method

18. Richard Wyckoff method

19. Richard Wyckoff is a success story

20. Richard Wyckoff logic not working, this maybe why?

21. Richard Wyckoff studied Jesse Livermore

22. Bob Evans, renowned Wyckoff teacher

23. William Gann method

24. William Gann life story

25. William Gann Law of Vibration

26. Jim Hurst method

27. Wyckoff method improved1

28. Wyckoff method improved2

29. Original Wyckoff and Wyckoff 2.0

30. Wyckoff 2.0 vs Others

31. Wyckoff 2.0 and Volume Spread Analysis

32. Powerful Patterns

33. Elliot Waves

34. Price Action

35. Market Statistics

36. Cycles for short term speculation

37. Stop Loss methods

38. Alpha Stock Scanner

39. Swing Scanner

40. Flash Charts

41. RTT Market Timer

42. RTT Wyckoff Short Term model

43. Chart Drawing Tools

44. Standard Indicators

45. Proprietary Indicators (PI)

46. PI: RTT TrendStatus

47. PI: RTT TrendPower

48. PI: RTT VolumeWave

49. PI: RTT Rainbow Bands

50. PI: RTT Volume

51. PI: RTT MarketPulse

52. PI: RTT Steps of Cause and Effect

53. PI: RTT Wyckoff Strength Weakness

54. PI: Proprietary Indicators Caution

55. What we do?


Indicator Library
Richard Wyckoff is a success story
Maybe you have heard the saying around WallStreet .."I have never met a rich technical trader"..

You can put this myth to rest.

Richard Wyckoff a legend of Wallstreet in his time, his news letter actually moved the market. Richard Wyckoff success allowed him live in the Hampton's, New York.

Wyckoff Estate

The Life Of Richard Wyckoff, via the media

Mr. Wyckoff was in turn – runner, clerk, customer’s man, head of his own brokerage house, market expert, founder and long time editor of The Magazine of Wall Street. At one time, as market advisor, he commanded one of the largest individual followings in the history of Wall Street. Mr. Wyckoff was known as one of the most accomplished tape readers of his day. –Journal Of Commerce, Chicago

Mr. Wyckoff carved out for himself a career and a fortune. His book “Wall Street Ventures and Adventures” gives lifelike portraits of many of Wall Street’s legendary figures and an expose of the inner workings of the stock market; also it contains much practical information on judging the trend of the stock market. –Barron’s Weekly, New York.

Richard D. Wyckoff was a pioneer in the study of the tape, and of the technicalities of the market itself. At one time his “buy” and “sell” following was so numerous that it became unwieldy. His own clients and the horde of parasites who had access to his tips, “made” and “unmade” the market for the Wyckoff favorites. Not the least interesting of these personalities is that of Wyckoff himself. –Nation’s Business, Washington.

Mr. Wyckoff, as nearly everybody must know, is found of the Magazine of Wall Street and edited it until 1926. As a broker, speculator, editor and financial advisor, he has been intimately acquainted with famous players in that greatest of games. –Post Dispatch, St. Louis.

Mr. Wyckoff was always a serious student of the market. But he was essentially a speculator rather than a buyer for the long pull. Unlike most speculators, however, he made a fortune and a success. –Chronical, San Francisco.

Richard D. Wyckoff is a name familiar in itself. His span of experience in things financial has been important and varied. Mr. Wyckoff’s contribution to the dignity, advancement and science of stock transactions has been a valuable service to his country. –Daily Journal, Flint, Michigan.

Throughout Mr. Wyckoff’s business career, his increasing absorption with the problem of how to bring accurate and first-hand information to the buy of stocks bore fruit in the various methods of financial service which he developed. –News, Portland, ME.

It is a long road which stretches between that first Wall Street job and his later successes, culminating in the founding and ownership of The Magazine of Wall Street. Such a career could not fail to bring him into contact with some of the outstanding figures of the times. –Daily Investment News, New York.

This was Richard Wyckoff secret

.."There are those who think they are studying the market, what all they are doing is studying what some one has said about the market …. not what the market has said about itself "...

Richard D. Wyckoff

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Investing Quote...

..“The Tape Reader’s profits should develop naturally. He should buy or sell because it is the thing to do – not because he wants to make a profit or fears to make a loss”…

Richard D. Wyckoff

.."Money couldn't buy friends, but you got a better class of enemy"..

Spike Milligan

.."Stock market bubbles don't grow out of thin air. They have a solid basis in reality, but reality as distorted by a misconception"..

George Soros

.."It's not whether you're right or wrong that's important, but how much money you make when you're right and how much you lose when you're wrong"..

George Soros

..."The four most dangerous words in investing are 'This time it's different' "...

John Templeton

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We at hold the view that a mix of stock chart technical analysis, Richard Wyckoff, William Gann and Jim Hurst methods plus market fundamentals allows the investor to formulate a very sound market opinion. These attributes are mutually inclusive and must be weighted equally before investing or trading in any Stock, ETF, Currency, Bond, Commodity, CFD or Mutual Fund

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