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IMPORTANT: favors the educational material listed below, however any use of the material on this page is entirely at your own risk. favors both fundamental and technical analysis, we do have a bias towards Wyckoffian logic for our technical studies. Education references are listed in no particular order. Some incorporate Wyckoffian logic some do not, you must deduce that for yourself. If you would like to report a broken link, please do so, via: Contact_Us

winner-take-all Winner Take All
.."Trading futures (and stocks) is an infinitely challenging and constantly perilous business. No other book describes what futures trading is all about better than Winner Take All. With wit and intelligence, William Gallacher debunks the conventional wisdom about futures trading and shows what it takes to win. The point made by this book is that both fundamentals and technicals are critical to success."..

technical-analysis-using-multiple-timeframes Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes
.."takes the reader through the essentials of technical analysis and then illustrates how to integrate those into a coherent trading methodology. From the phases of stock movement to price/volume relationships and risk management, Brian brings his topics to life with concrete and practical illustrations and explanations. This is an excellent resource for all technically-oriented traders"..

studies-in-tape-reading Studies in Tape Reading
.."One cannot become a Tape Reader by giving the ticker absent treatment; nor by running into his broker's office after lunch, or seeing "how the market closed" from his evening newspaper.... He should spend twenty-seven hours a week at the ticker, and many more hours away from it studying his mistakes and finding the 'why' of his losses"..

charting-the-stock-market-the-wyckoff-method Charting The Stock Market, The Wyckoff Method
.."The Wyckoff method principally uses price charting and volume studies as a means of analyzing and forecasting the stock market. It incorporates a common-sense approach to trading that emphasizes study, practice and risk limitation. It also takes into account investor psychology and provides insight into how and why professional traders buy and sell issues"..

the-undeclared-secrets-that-drive-the-stock-market The Undeclared Secrets That Drive The Stock Market
.."This book is the result of Tom Williams' 12 years trading in California combined with what Wyckoff had to say about volume. Readers should benefit immensely from the new and creative computer and non-computerised market timing indicators and thinking that Tom opens up"..

master-the-markets Master The Markets
.."Tom Williams 2nd edition of 'The Undeclared Secrets That Drive The Stock Market', both are worth a read. Tom Williams is the founder of 'Volume Spread Analysis' (VSA)"..

wyckoff-strategies-and-techniques-finding-and-trading-winning-stocks Wyckoff Strategies and Techniques Finding and Trading Winning Stocks
Excellent book of Richard Wyckoff and Bob Evans logic a must for the Wyckoff trader. Top shelf pick.

wyckoff-stock-market-institute-online-course-material Wyckoff Stock Market Institute online course material
A good resource of the original works of Richard Wyckoff, excellent course for testing the new trader.

making-it-in-the-market-richard-neys-lowrisk-system-for-stock-market-investors Making It in the Market: Richard Ney's Low-Risk System for Stock Market Investors
.."The foremost authority on the manipulation of stock prices by specialists and market makers on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Very good insight into how the specialists use the market as a typical merchandise system, just like your local retail shop"...

a-complete-guide-to-volume-price-analysis A Complete Guide to Volume Price Analysis
.."An good read, a must read, talks about Richard Wyckoff and Richard Ney on how the market is like a typical merchandise retail shop"..

jesse-livermore-methods-of-trading-stocks Jesse Livermore Methods of Trading Stocks
This short book is an interview by Richard Wyckoff with Jesse Livermore. Worth your time!

jesse-livermore Jesse Livermore
Book and website are a must read. Richard Wyckoff based his trading logic on his learnings through interviewing fellow trades like Jesse Livermore.

best-trading-lessons-of-jesse-livermore Best Trading Lessons of Jesse Livermore
An ebook, a quick summary of Jesse Livermore tips and tricks.

trades-about-to-happen-a-modern-adaptation-of-the-wyckoff-method Trades About to Happen: A Modern Adaptation of the Wyckoff Method
.."Price and volume analysis is one of the most effective approaches to market analysis. It was pioneered by Richard Wyckoff, who worked on Wall Street during the golden age of technical analysis. In Trades About to Happen, veteran trader David Weis explains how to utilize the principles behind Wyckoff's work and make effective trades with this method"..

the-secret-science-of-price-and-volume The Secret Science of Price and Volume
.."The Ord Oracle is devoted to the practice of supply and demand trading as first outlined almost 100 years ago in the work of Richard D. Wyckoff. Mr. Wyckoff watched over the shoulders of the best traders at the turn of the century. As the premier market journalist of his time, he was able to see what worked and didn't from the titans of the stock exchange. For the last 17 years "The Ord Oracle" has refined and updated these concepts.The results are born out in a consistently highly rated newsletter that has won Market Timer of the Year awards in the index and gold"..

the-profit-magic-of-stock-transaction-timing The Profit Magic of Stock Transaction Timing
Author J M Hurst is a legend to knowledgeable individuals interested and involved in the study of cyclical price movement in the financial markets. An aerospace engineer by training and background, he was the first pioneer in the computerized research into the nature of stock price action, devoting many years and over 20,000 computer hours to this study. His conclusions were first documented in this groundbreaking classic. This book has become a classic and it is held in exceptionally high esteem by serious technical analysts and market students.

the-gann-master-stock-course The Gann Master Stock Course
A must for any trader and anybody to understand Gann's methods and techniques for forecasting stock prices.

how-legendary-traders-made-millions-profiting-from-the-investment-strategies-of-the-greatest-traders-of-all-time How Legendary Traders Made Millions: Profiting From the Investment Strategies of the Greatest Traders of All time
Chapter 3 covers Richard Wyckoff, others are covered: William ONeil,Jesse Livermore,etc.

the-three-skills-of-top-trading The Three Skills of Top Trading
Chapter 4 to 7 covers the Wyckoff technique. Excellent presentation of Wyckoffian logic. A must read.

the-definitive-guide-to-point-and-figure The Definitive Guide to Point and Figure
All you ever wanted to know about Point and Figure charting and trading.

wyckoff-schematics-visual-templates-for-market-timing-decisions Wyckoff Schematics: Visual templates for market timing decisions
pdf file. Excellent. How to apply Wyckoff logic in detail. Written in part by the author of 'The Three Skills of Top Trading' Hank Pruden.

the-intelligent-investor The Intelligent Investor
.."Since it was first published in 1949, Graham's investment guide has sold over a million copies and has been praised by such luminaries as Warren E. Buffet as 'the best book on investing ever written.' These accolades are well deserved"..

getting-started-in-value-investing Getting Started in Value Investing
.."An ardent follower of Warren Buffett-the most high-profile value investor today-author Charles Mizrahi has long believed in the power of this proven approach. Now, Mizrahi breaks down this successful strategy so that anyone can learn how to use it in his or her own investment endeavors."..

chart-reading-for-professional-traders Chart Reading for Professional Traders
.."If you study the material in these books you will be able to accurately determine any trend in any type of market and will be able to accurately forecast market movements for months ahead of time and in many cases down to the hour for day trading purposes."..

how-to-make-money-in-stocks How to make money in stocks
.."William J ONeil developed an investment strategy (CANSLIM), which made him the highest performing broker in his firm."..

investing-with-volume-analysis Investing With Volume Analysis
.."compelling read on the critical role that changing volume patterns play on predicting stock price movement. As buyers and sellers vie for dominance over price, volume analysis is a divining rod of profitable insight, helping to focus the serious investor on where profit can be realized and risk avoided"..

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