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IMPORTANT: This information is presented as a reference only. does not list these as a recommendation nor does have any association with any of the advisors listed. Any use of the advisors on this page is entirely at your own risk. Advisors are listed in no particular order. Some incorporate Wyckoffian logic some do not, you must deduce that for yourself. If you would like to add an advisor or report a broken link, please do so, via: Contact_Us

trident Trident
Stock picker for AUS and USA stocks..."highest returning newsletter 2005/08"..

zeal-intelligence Zeal Intelligence
Thriving in the stock markets is not a happy accident. Investing success demands a great deal of hard work, discipline, diligence, wisdom, and experience. As hardcore students of the markets, at Zeal we've devoted our professional lives to achieving this.

Tracking the top USA Hedge Funds portfolios daily

Stock picker for USA stocks..."where knowledge is power"..

securities-research-company Securities Research Company
Stock picker for AUS,NZ,World stocks..."an independent stockmarket investment research company offering private investors unbiased information and advice, has a very impressive record of successful investment since 1981"..

dohmen-capital-research Dohmen Capital Research
Stock picker USA stocks..."clients profited from the global crisis in 2008. He is not a perma-bull or perma-bear, but uses sophisticated technical analysis to be on the right side of the market, whether up or down"..

stock-traders-daily Stock Traders Daily
Stock picker USA stocks..."our Strategies work regardless of market direction or economic conditions"..

jtaylor-miningstocks J.Taylor MiningStocks
Stock picker USA metal stocks..."Beating the street since 2000"..

bluechipoptions BlueChipOptions
Stock and option picker USA stocks..."My Father was the only licensee of Richard D. Wyckoff, the famed 1920’s trader that developed The Wyckoff Method. Trader Floyd"..

the-benjamin-graham-value-report The Benjamin Graham Value Report
Benjamin Graham was proclaimed as the world smartest investor by Warren Buffett, this news letter does all the 'Benjamin Graham' type research for you. Impressive results. Can also be found at

hidden-values-alert Hidden Values Alert
Charles Mizrahi newsletter, author of the great little book 'Getting Started in Value Investing'. Apply lessions and methods of Benjamin Graham. Good results.

mad-hedge-fund-trader Mad Hedge Fund Trader
A former top hedge fund trader, trading his own account.

gunner24 Gunner24
Based on the techniques developed by W.D. Gann, R.N. Elliott and Fibonacci, whose core thesis stems from the insight that past price patterns forecast the future price or the direction and duration of the price progression, the GUNNER24 Trading and Forecasting Technique emerged over a period of 8 years...

gann-management-ltd Gann Management Ltd
Application of Gann methods with success for many years.

.."Ron Meisels and Olaf Sztaba winning with North American Securities"...

.."is the world’s No. 1 destination for professional (and semi-professional) traders who implement the Nicolas Darvas Trading System."...

.." Daniel J. Zanger and I'm a technical stock analyst and I focus on the most explosive stocks in the stock market today"...

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