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We allow members to generate and save online stock charts. We have a bias to the methods of the above very famous legendary traders. Please take the time to research this site. We are a financial education theme website covering the following:

1) FED and Macro Economic Model Watch  GDP, CPI, PMI, PCE, Bonds, Debt.

2) Richard Wyckoff (Jesse Livermore, Richard Ney) logic friendly online stock charts.

3) Value Investing concepts (Templeton, Lynch, O'Neil) mixed with Wyckoff timing.

4) Home of Wyckoff 2.0 for the 21st century.

5) William Gann Angle, Arc, Levels and Percentages. Friendly online stock charts.

6) Richard Ney Angle and Number Theory. Friendly online stock charts.

7) Jim Hurst cycle analysis. Friendly online stock charts, with scanning abilities.

8) Home of RTT Cycle Finder Spectrum and WhatIf charts. Easy way to find cycles in the price data.

9) Home of the RTT Market Timer and RTT Flow Index. 30 years of success!

10) Powerful Flash Charts. Eyeball up to 50 flash charts on one browser page.

11) Volume Wave Charts. Many ways to study the wave of price and volume. 

12) Cause and Effect Charts. Quickly review Wyckoff cause price action for a possible explosive effect. 

13) Wyckoff Position Sheet. With the Swing scanner 'PnF Wave' you can build your position sheet.

14) Momentum Step Charts. Now Wyckoff stepping stone momentum counts are easy to follow.

15) Structural Momentum Charts. Using the DPO extensively.

16) Relative Strength (Alpha) Charts. Review and rank up to 20 portfolio's to keep track of what is ht.

17) Your own Custom Indexes. Build your own ETF or stock index, great for portfolio studies.

18) Price Period Scan. Scan previous price patterns to find highly correlated price action.

19) Sector Rotation Charts. Monitor sector changes in trend and relative strength.

20) Import CSV data (REST-API). Import stock, economic, fundamental, any data we do not have.

21) Export CSV data (REST-API). Export our clean OHLC data for 3rd party tools.

22) Substantial Historical Data. We have 50 to 100 years of daily O,H,L,C,V data for market leading symbols.

23) Stock Option Friendly with Implied Volatility. Scan for stocks with high and low implied volatility.

24) US Futures Prices. For the most popular futures contracts.

25) CFTC COT Data for US Futures Contracts. For the most popular futures contracts

We allow members the ability to mix and match Wyckoff, Livermore, Gann and Hurst techniques. Improve your investment skills by learning the techniques of these markets legends. Once you have determined the trend supported by the fundamentals the techniques shown here will show how to enjoy good profits.

Further we allow our proprietary indicators for use with the above famous techniques to further increase your chances of success in the market. We dont stop there, we throw in our sophisticated 'Alpha Stock Scanner' and 'Swing Scanner' to help you find stocks and ETFs that out perform Mr Market. We are stock option friendly with volatility data and probability cones.

We encourage members to study global macro trends and inter market relationships via Hurst cycles, Gann Angles and Wyckoff market phase’s analysis. We believe these robust technical methods mixed with fundamentals provide clearer view of the trends.

Please review the demo charts , video tutorials and FAQs and please bookmark our 'blog' for the latest news. Click the above 'General Information' menu item and learn more. Lean more about importing data here.

Thank you.

~~Best viewing experience with Safari 5+, Firefox 4+ and Chrome 11+ browsers~~

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